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Low-Carb Dollar Store Roundup

Many people may consider things found at the dollar store to be junk, but boy are they wrong! Dollar stores are hidden treasures when it comes to food deals and low prices. There’s something so satisfying about finding your common grocery items for a cheaper price. Saving $10 on your week’s haul may not seem like much at first but it can really add up over time. You may not be able to find everything you are looking for, but they do sell a surprising variety of low-carb items for a cheaper price. Here is a roundup of our best low-carb items that you can find at your local dollar store. Note: prices may vary slightly depending on your state and location.

Check out your local Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Big Lots etc. for these awesome deals!

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables:

Yes, believe it or not, you can buy frozen fruits and vegetables at the dollar store! And even better, most varieties can be found for $1 a bag. From ready-to-steam bags of frozen cauliflower and green beans to frozen bags of berries, these are great items to keep stocked in your freezer for quick weekday meals and snacks.

$1 Frozen Veggies @ Dollar General

$1.25 Frozen Fruit @ Family Dollar

$1.25 Frozen Veggies @ Family Dollar

Canned Goods:

Canned vegetables are another staple to have in your kitchen pantry. At the dollar store, you can find most canned goods for a dollar or under. Some of our favorite canned goods include diced tomatoes, green beans, spinach, collards, canned beans, and canned tuna.

$0.85 Canned Goods @ Dollar General

$1.25 Diced Tomatoes @ Dollar Tree

$2.55 for 27oz Collard Greens @ Family Dollar

$1 Canned Sardines @ Dollar General

Ready-to-Eat Tuna Packs:

This is a recent discovery that has become a regular staple for us! Dollar stores now carry tuna in portable single-serving packs that come in a variety of flavors. You can find them for about $1.50 each or less at most places. They are great toppers for quick salads and packed lunches, or to have as a snack any time of the day.

$1.25 Flavored tuna packs @ Dollar Tree

$1.25 Flavored tuna @ Family Dollar

Dried Beans:

Cooking your beans from scratch can be a great way to stretch your dollar. Dollar stores like Family Dollar sell bags of dried beans for $1-1.80 per pound. They last a really long time in your pantry and can be a great way to add some complex carbs, fiber, and protein to your meal.

$1.80 Dried beans @ Family Dollar

Nuts and Seeds:

Nuts may be one of the pricier items on your grocery list, which can discourage you from buying them in the first place. But fear not! Dollar stores offer more affordable varieties of nuts and seeds including sunflower seeds, peanuts, and mixed nut blends. Be mindful of added sugars in varieties like “honey-roasted,” “sweet and salty,” “caramel,” or “candied.” Raw, roasted, or salted are the best options for a low-carb snack.

$2.50 Mixed nuts @ Dollar General

$1.25 Mixed nuts @ Dollar Tree

$1 Sunflower seeds @ Family Dollar


A spice pantry can do a lot to elevate your meals. You can purchase most of your basic spices from the dollar store for an unbeatable price. Look for containers of cinnamon, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, herbs, and even everything bagel mix! We recommend you check out Dollar Tree and Family Dollar if there is one near you, as they often have a good variety of spices to choose from.

$1 Spices @ Dollar General

$1.25 Spices @ Dollar Tree

$1-1.25 Spices @ Family

Other Low-Carb Finds

Of course, we couldn’t let these other low-carb items slide from our post. At Dollar Tree, we discovered unsweetened almond and oat milk, bacon, and an assortment of beef jerky (look for low sugar varieties) all for $1.25 each! At Dollar General, we found chicharones or pork rinds for $1 a bag! These crispy bites make for great low-carb snacks, nachos, or crushed up and used in place of breadcrumbs. Eggs are also available at the dollar store though prices vary.

$1.25 Unsweetened almond/oat milk @ Dollar Tree

$1.25 Bacon @ Dollar Tree

$1 Pork rinds @ Dollar General

$1.25 Beef jerky @ Dollar Tree

Of all the dollar stores we explored, we loved Dollar Tree the most. What stood out was the ease of navigating the whole store because every item in the store is sold for $1.25! There are no variations in pricing for the entire store so you can shop without worrying about picking up an expensive item. Dollar Tree also carries many name-brand items, and it seems like the products sold will change based on what is in stock for that week. It is definitely worth exploring if you have one near you.