The Low Carb Jumpstart


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Tracking Digitally

Keeping track of your food intake can help you stay within your carbohydrate goals. One of the easiest ways to track your meals, snacks, and beverages is through the use of an application (app).

Most apps are free to download and user-friendly. These tracking tools can be especially helpful during the early stages of your low carbohydrate journey. They can help you determine your baseline carbohydrate intake, understand what foods contain carbohydrates, and adjust your meals to the right level for you. Below are a few examples of food tracking apps:

Quick tip: One of the easiest ways to look up carbs is through a Google Search. Simply type “Carbs in [food item]” into the Google search bar.

Carb Manager

Carb Manager is a highly recommended smartphone app for low and very low carb dietary plans. The app’s features include nutrition and food trackers, recipe database, personalized meal plans, educational materials and a supportive community.

$ Optional paid membership


MyFitnessPal is another highly recommended diet and exercise tracking app. The app allows you to easily log foods and exercise, with detailed nutrition information. You can create personalized meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and exercise plans.

$ Optional paid membership


Senza is a one-stop shop for everything Keto. The app offers nutrition tracking, meal planning, and helps you find low carbohydrate foods at nearby restaurants.

$ Free with optional purchases

Lose It!

Lose It offers free and easy to use food and nutrition tracking options. The app also offers weight loss support.

$ Optional paid membership

Tracking on paper

Tracking you meals and other information like bood sugar and physcial activity can be a great alternative to apps.

Download and print our weekly tracker specifcally designed for people trying a low carb lifestyle with type 2 diabetes. This tracker will help you record important information about your daily food intake and blood sugar levels.

Congratulations! You have taken some big steps towards starting a low carb lifestyle! Let’s start building some delicious low carb meals.