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There’s a new restaurant tucked away in the Rivertown neighborhood of Detroit called Breadless, serving on-the-go low-carb sandwiches and bowls packed with delicious ingredients and dressings.

They are taking the city by storm with their innovative idea of using hearty leafy greens to wrap their sandwiches in place of more conventional lettuce wraps. This simple yet effective tweak makes for an extremely satisfying and crunchy sandwich that not only looks like a garden bouquet, but also leaves you feeling satisfied and like you did your body a favor.

Founded by Detroit-based entrepreneurs Marc Howland, LaTresha (LC) Howland, and Ryan Eli Salter, Breadless belives that all individuals, regardless of their neighborhood, deserve access to healthy and tasty meals, whether it’s low-carb, gluten-free, keto, vegan, or Whole30. What started as an idea to make healthy on-the-go foods more accessible and affordable to folks, grew into a bigger concept to help engage local initiatives and neighborhoods in building and strengthening the backbone of their community.

Breadless believes that access to nutritious meals is a basic human right, not a privilege. Through collaborations with local community organizations, Breadless strives to make the restaurant not just a hub for delicious food, but a place where wellness, creativity, and entrepreneurship can thrive. Their mission...

“To bring nutritious breadless meals to neighborhoods everywhere and create a home for those who’ve always had to order off the menu.”

So why was Detroit chosen as their flagship location? LC is a Detroit-native that grew up in the same neighborhood that Breadless started. She recalls never having healthy food options to choose from on-the-go outside of the Eastern Market. Marc grew up just a couple of hours away in Cleveland, another urban city with little accessibility to fast-casual dining options focused on health. Ryan, a native New Yorker, moved to Detroit in 2015 with a vision of furthering his culinary enterprises and the three teamed up to open a brand new restaurant like no other.

Together, the three teamed up to open a brand-new restaurant like no other and knew that Detroit would be the perfect launching pad for their innovative concept of using leafy super greens in place of bread. In a beautiful brickstone building on Detroit Riverfront’s “Dennis Archer Greenway” Breadless opened its doors for the first time in Spring 2022. Marking their 1-year anniversary in May, the team is excited to open their second location this Fall 2023 in Rochester, Michigan, in response to the success of their flagship location.

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Ryan is driven by his holistic approach of involving community members and empowering grassroots organizations to address health disparities and fight food insecurity. Through his work, he has networked with local vendors and businesses including Jerry Ann Hebron, director of Detroit’s Oakland Avenue Urban Farm, to build a partnership in which they supply local ingredients like collard greens to serve in their restaurant.

Their initiatives don’t end with just food at Breadless. Aligning with the brand’s motto of“Eat Good, Feel Good”, Breadless offers fitness series such as WeRun313’s “Two Mile Tuesdays” and Breadless “Summer Wellness” workouts to create a space for community members to engage in group wellness activities such as yoga and stretching. Ryan shares with pride how rewarding it has been to see folks roll down their mats in the parking lot of their restaurant to get ready for a workout.

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When our team visited Breadless, we couldn’t contain our excitement to try some of their menu items. We ultimately narrowed our choices to 3 options we thought would encompass a range of flavors and ingredients:

We loved the textures and flavors of different leafy greens and were impressed by the beautiful job they did of combining all the right flavors together in one portable wrap sandwich! Our team’s favorite was the Buckwild because we just couldn’t get over the perfect pairing between the juicy chicken strips, sauces and crunchy swiss chard.

Stay tuned for part two of the collaboration where we’ll be sharing a cooking demo featuring Ryan and Frankie, a member of the MCT2D Patient Advisory Board, who will take us behind the scenes and show us how to create a Breadless sandwich! Want to make one at home? We’ll include a recipe too so you can cook along with us!

Want to make one at home? We’ll include a recipe too so you can cook along with us!

Do you live in Michigan and want to try some of these amazing breadless sandwiches?

Check out these two meals designed in collaboration with our team!

BLT2D Breadless Sandwich
A mouthwatering twist on the traditional BLT with juicy, grilled jerk chicken, creamy avocado mash, crispy strips of bacon, sliced tomato and onion, tangy Arabic pickles, havarti cheese, and a creamy buttermilk dressing all wrapped in a blanket of swiss chard.
BLT2D Breadless Sandwich
Take My Bread Away Bowl
A blend of cooked collard greens and kale, juicy portabella mushrooms, sliced cucumbers and tomato, roasted bell peppers and hummus dressing all on a bed of cauliflower rice. Your choice of crunchy falafel or diced chicken for protein.
Take My Bread Away Bowl

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